Our Maintenance Services

Trust your PV inverters in the hands of the experts. HQSOL is the exclusive partner of SolarMax for the service in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia. Our technicians have years of experience and use exclusively original parts and materials with the highest quality. All our interventions are guaranteed.
Prevent any possible issue joining one of our advntageous maintenace contracts.

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Corrective Maintenance:
In case of a failure requiring the inverter to be repaired:
• For Central inverters: corrective repair interventions “on-site”
• For String inverters: “exchange” service

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HQPrevent – Preventive Maintenance:
Ask us about the HQPrevent contract for the preventive maintenance of your inverters. This way you will always make sure that they will be able to work at their best:
• Accurate inspections, with cleanup, upgrades, thermal measurments, etc.
• Priority intervention service within 48h from the failure occurrance
• Discounts on the corrective repairs
• Can be extended to the whole PV plant

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One single service contract to forget about any problem:
• Monitoring by specialized technical operators
• Corrective maintenance interventions included
• Reimbursment in case of lost production

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HQSOL provides free technical support for anything regarding the use and integration of his products in the photovoltaic plant.

Our specialized technicians will follow you step by step in the projct design to anticipate and possible issue and to make sure the plant will always have the maximum efficiency and reliability over time.

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