Firmware Upgrade

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For the string inverters only it is possible to upgrade the firmware by yourself.

To upgrade the firware you need to install the software MaxTalk Pro. This is the link from where you can download the program MaxTalk Pro. Please remember that the advanced functions of MaxTalk Pro (including the function of FW upgrade) must be activated by a code. To obtain the code follow the instructions given during the installation of the program. Please remember: the activiation code is unique and linked to the PC used to request it. If the program is run on another PC, or the activation code is not entered, then only the basic functions of MaxTalk will be available and you will not be able to upgrade the firmware. Only for the P series inverters the activiation is not needed and you can also use the regular version of the MaxTalk program.

After connecting the PC to the inverter by using a cross-link Ethernet cable, activate the FW upgrade as shown here below:


IMPORTANT: when you are done with the firmware update, you must activate it by means of an initial setup of the unit. To do it, you have to go under the menu “Information” and press at the same time the central and the right keys under the display of the inverter. After about 5 seconds, the letter S will show on the display and you can release the keys. Press again the central and the right keys for about 15-17 seconds, until the inverter enters automatically in the initial setup. Confirm all the data if correct (date, time, etc.).

ATTENTION: the FW upgrade is never a completely risk-free operation. In very rare circumstances the microprocessor could lock, in which case the inverter must be exchanged. HQSOL and the new SolarMax will change the inverter under warranty terms exclusively for the units sold by them. In case of firmware upgrade on units manufactured and sold by the previous manufacturer Sutnik Engineering AG and its subsidiaries, the customer performs the upgrade at his own risk.

The firmware upgrade files are available at the following links:

P Series
MT Series
HT Series

S Series –> ATTENTION: in the case of the S series (inverters 2000S/3000S/4200S/6000S) the risk of locking the microprocessor is sensibly higher. Before you proceed you are required to contact us at to obtain the upgrade file[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]