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HQSOL Srl is the exclusive partner of the new SolarMax for Italy, Spain, Portugal and Solvenia. HQSOL is a company created by the new SolarMax group together with the highly qualified and trained technical personnel following sales and service of the PV inverters since 2008.



The new SolarMax is part of a group with more than 10 years of investmnet experience in renewable energies. Our vision is a future where more and more energy comes from the sun, the only energy source truly sustainable and completely clean. We believe in the future of the PV market in Europe, promoted by a renewed interest linked to value and technology instead of speculation.



The mission of HQSOL is to provide dependable products and solutions for the development of the photovoltaic market.
SolarMax is one of the historical brands for the PV inverters. In the market since the beginning, with the first inverter installed 25 years ago and still working, SolarMax stands for top performance, legendary reliability  and available and competent service.
HQSOL is the exclusive partner of SolarMax for the sale and service in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia .

Your inverter are a key investment for the future of your photovoltaic plant: trust them in the hands of the experts.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]